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Kharkiv is one of the largest cities of Ukraine and the centre of the Kharkiv Region. The city is 24km from the North to the South, and 25km from the East to the West. Kharkiv has over 2,500 avenues, streets, lanes and squares. The largest square of the city is Svobody (Liberty) Square. The longest street is Moskovsky (Moscow) Avenue which is over 20km long.

Kharkiv is situated in the North- Eastern part of Ukraine on the border of two landscape zones — the forest-steppe and the steppe, at the site of the three rivers’ confluence: the Lopan, the Udy and the Kharkiv. The site of the city is a hilly plain — more than half of the total area of the city is situated on the plots of about 100m above the sea level. Kharkiv’s rivers and their tributaries are shallow and not navigable.

Kharkiv is a major industrial centre of Ukraine. Its industrial potential is formed by high-technology industries: power-plant engineering, electrical engineering industry, transport and farm machinery building, instrument engineering, electronic engineering, aerospace engineering. The products manufactured at Kharkiv enterprises, including such high technology products as modern tanks, aircrafts, turbines, are known on the world market.

Kharkiv is the second major scientific and educational centre of Ukraine. An average annual number of university graduates is over 33,000 specialists, which provides for a high level of skillful labour resources in the city. It is here, in Kharkiv, that an atom was split for the first time in Europe; the nature of superconductivity studied; the largest radio telescope created; the basics of the theory of vibrations in plasma and the theory of slow neutrons dispersion in crystals developed. The research by L. Landau, N. Barabashov, A. Valter, A. Palladin are acknowledged throughout the world.

Kharkiv is rich in cultural traditions. It is a city of 6 theatres: the Mykola Lysenko Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Academic Drama Theatre, The Alexander Pushkin Russian Academic Drama Theatre, Theatre of Musical Comedy, Theatre for Children and Youth, Puppet Theatre. Numerous other theatre companies, studios, amateur theatres also perform in the city. Kharkiv Philharmonic Society is one of the major organisers of concerts, which does a great job in promoting musical art. The circus, zoo and numerous museums enjoy great popularity with the citizens of the city.

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