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Station Kharkov-Passenger
Station Kharkov-Passenger

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Kharkiv-Passazhysrky Railway Station

Railway Station Information Desk (24 hours a day)...........................15-05

Station Manager (24 hours a day).................. 724-20-76

Railway Ticket Office (Mon-Fri – 8am – 7pm, Sat, Sun 8am – 5pm).......... 724-21-47

Ticket Order and Home Delivery Service................. 763-95-93

‘Kharkiv-Levada’ Railway Station.................. 729-45-27

Passengers arriving in Kharkiv at the Kharkiv-Passazhyrsky Railway Station get from the platforms to the building of the railway station through the Northern and Southern tunnels. From the railway station there are exits to Pryvokzalna Square and the ‘Pivdenny Vokzal’ Underground Station, underground being the most convenient and the cheapest way of getting to the downtown area. At the railway station you can also take a tram, a route taxi, a bus or an ordinary taxi.

Railway tickets can be purchased at the booking offices at the railway station, at the Service Centre or at the advance booking offices.

All the necessary information, including timetable, availability of seats, ticket prices, etc. can be found on the UkrZaliznytsya (Ukrainian Railways) web page. The payment can be settled with international pay cards (VISA, Master Card, VISA Elektron, Maestro). When the payment is done, a passenger receives a digital number which then should be replaced by a paper ticket at any of the Ukrainian Railways booking offices.

The Service Centre is open 24 hours a day at the ground floor of the railway station. Here you can purchase tickets, book a room at the ‘Express’ Hotel, order a taxi or hire a luggage porter, as well as get all the necessary information, make a photo copy or use a PC.

The U Samovara (At the Samovar) Tea Pavillion is located in the central hall of the railway station. The biggest samovar in Ukraine of 305kg and 360l is installed there. A comfortable waiting room is situated on the first floor. There is also a conference room on the second floor. Two information digital touch screens and an all-round screen which provides information on the availability of vacant seats on the trains on line are installed in the main hall of the railway station.

It takes about 5 hours to get from Kharkiv to Kiev and 7 hours from Kharkiv to Simferopol by a comfortable express train.

The Kharkiv-Balashovsky and Kharkiv-Levada Railway Stations are commuter train stations. Alongside electric commuter trains, a new means of transport – rail buses – have been introduced recently. The Kharkiv- Passazhyrsky Railway Station also has a commuter terminal.