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Show of Banks

Constructed at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the buildings of commercial banks, the so-called Show of Banks are the square’s main attraction. Designed by A. Beketov, the building of the former Azov-Don Commercial Bank (14, Konstytutsii Sq.) opens the show. Unfortunately, the original design was not preserved during the latest reconstruction. Designed by F. Lidval, another building was built next to it in 1914 to house the same bank. It combined the features of Classicism and Modern. In 2003 the building was decorated with a ‘Vio­linist on the Roof’ figure (sculptured by S. Gurbanov) as a sign of appreciation and respect to the intelligentsia of the city.

The row of banks is divided by a thoroughfare with an underground crossroad and Radianska (Soviet) Underground Station and by an apartment building housing a pharmacy built in the 1950s.

Further on, there is a building of the former St. Petersburg Commercial Bank (designed by V. Velichko, 1913; 22, Konstytutsii Sq.) constructed in the style of French Renaissance. Solid stone columns at the main entrance to the building looked very impressive making its savers feel respect and trust in the bank. At the upper part of the facade there is a well preserved pre-revolution sign. Today the building houses a branch of the Ukrainian National Savings Bank.

The ‘show’ continues with three buildings designed by A. Beketov: the building of the former Volzhsko-Kamsky Bank (1908; 24, Konstytutsii Sq.), now housing the Afanasyev Puppet Theatre; the former Commercial Bank (1899; 26, Konstytutsii Sq.), now housing the Science and Technology Centre, and the building of the Land Bank (1898; 28, Konstytutsii Square) which is now the Motor Transport College. The architectural design of the three buildings is well coordinated, their beauty and presentability are really impressive