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Gogola Street

Parallel to Sumska Street, on its eastern side, is Gogola Street (former Malosumska Street, Kokoshkinsky Lane). It starts from Theatre Square and terminates near the Victory Park. The street is interesting due to the combination of low-rise buildings of the 19th century and modern banks, the design of which follows the styles of the third Millennium.

Built in 1818, the house of architect E. Vasiliev (2, Gogola St.) is one of the oldest buildings in the street. E. Vasiliev was professor of architecture in Kharkiv Imperial University. He designed over 40 buildings constructed in the city.

Also preserved is a building of the former Boys Grammar School No. 3 (7, Gogola St.) designed by A. Girsch in 1864 in the ‘brick’ style which was very popular at that time, following the elements of the Medieval architecture. It is well matched by the Church of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin designed by B. Mikhalovsky (1887–1891) in the Gothic style (4, Gogola St.).

The back of the A. Pushkin Theatre also faces Gogola Street.