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The main building of the Vasyl Karazin Kharkiv National University

The building was erected by architects S. Serafimov and M. Zandberg-Serafimova in 1929 to house design and construction bureaux. The architects, one of whom was the creator of Derzhprom, designed the building in a similar style: stepped profile ascending to the centre terminated with a 14-storey tower, built in a form of a huge plate.

In the 1950s, the building underwent capital reconstruction: flanks and passages connecting them with the central tower, and a new conference hall were built, facade walls were faced with ceramic tiles. After the reconstruction, the building was given to Kharkiv University. In the 1990s a big portico was attached to the building.

At the central entrance to the University there is a monument to its founder V. Karazin (1768–1843), designed by A. Beketov and sculptured by I. Andrealetti to commemorate a centenary of the University. The monument has an inscription of Karazin’s words: “The major purpose of creating a university was the welfare of my dear country and the meridionial region of Russia”. Karazin himself is depicted speaking before the Kharkiv community on the necessity of establishing a university.

A monument to the soldiers of the students’ batallion who had gone to war directly from a University desk in 1941 was erected close to the main building of the University facing Passionariyi Uzviz.

On the opposite side of the square, there is another building of the Karazin Kharkiv National University (6, Svobody Square). The construction started in 1930. The building was designed to house various cooperative organisations. In the course of construction which lasted until 1954, the functional purpose of the building changed several times, and consequently amendments were introduced to the project designed by Academician A. Dmitriyev. The building differed form the previous ones: the side buildings were made of brick and only central tower part had a metal frame. The construction pace was much slower, especially after the capital moved to Kiev. The unfinished building was given to Military Munitioning Academy, later it housed the L. Govorov Engineering Radio-Technical Academy and in 2004 the building was given to Kharkiv University.

The monument to V. Lenin was unveiled in the centre of the round part of the square in 1963. Its foundation of red granite is decorated with thematic embossment depicting a group of revolutionaries under a red banner going to struggle for Soviet power, and a group of workers — developers of a new society.