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Museum of Nature of Kharkiv National University

This big 3-storey building houses one of the wealthiest museums of nature in Ukraine. Its content includes over 200,000 exhibits. The first of them were purchased abroad in 1807 for Kharkiv University.

Before the University moved to a new building, its Biological Department was also located here.

Today the museum’s collection includes inhabitants nearly of the whole world. The geological exposition is represented by a collection of earth material, minerals, fossils, meteorites, mineral resources.

A few ancient stone sculptures dating back to the 11th–18th centuries were brought here from the steps of Sloboda Ukraine and installed near the entrance to the museum.

The building also houses the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of Sloboda Ukraine. Its containts the largest Ukrainian collection of articles of the Bronze Age, Scythian Era, Ancient Times, the Chernyakhova and Saltiv cultures.