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Verkhniy Saltiv

Close to Stary Saltiv there is a villiage of Verkhniy Saltiv known as the centre of archeological research of the Saltiv culture. In 1900 V. Babenko, a teacher in a local school, informed Kharkiv University of his founding. Next year famous Kharkiv scientists, including D. Bahaliy, took part in the dig of the Verkhniy Saltiv burial site.

It was found out that in the early Middle Ages this territory was inhibited by Alans (or Alani) and the so-called Black Bulgars who came here from the Northern Forecaucasus and were subjects to the Khazar Khaganate. Saltiv was then an administrative and trading centre. The area of the settlement was about 120he. It consisted of a fortress and an adjacent big village. The settlement was surrounded by earthworks and ditches from the three sides, whilst the steep slope at the side of the river was practically unassailable. The burial sites are located at ravine banks.

The reserve museum was created on the site of the dig in Verkhniy Saltiv which now bears the name of V. Babenko. The unique collection of artifacts found during the dig is now exhibited in the building of a former village club. The Ethnography of Sloboda Ukraine Department also enjoys great popularity with the visitors. Houseware, agricultural instruments, craftsmen’s instruments are displayed here. There is also a room where the interiors of the peasant house are reconstructed and a collection of Sloboda Ukraine rushnyks (embroidered towels) is exhibited.