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Spasiv Skit

In 1888 the biggest accident in the history of Russian Railways occurred close to Borki Station — derailing of the train with Emperor Alexander III and his family. The train was entering a curve at a very high speed when a rail broke. The carriages overturned down the slope. At the moment of the accident the Emperor’s family and he himself were having breakfast in the dining car. The carriage was destroyed but none of the family got any serious injuries. One of the legends say that the Emperor who was very tall and strong managed to support the falling roof with his hands to let everybody around him escape, and then helped those injured out of the wreckage.

Several years later the magnificent Christ the Savior Church and the Vernicle Chapel were built on the site of the accident. During World War II the sanctuaries in Borki were seriously damaged. In the course of time the church was completely destroyed, and it was not until 2003 that the Chapel was restored. It is situated close to the site where the Emperor’s family got out of the wreckage unhurt.