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Krasnokutsk Arboretum

In 1651, Korsun dwellers moved to settle in this area under protection of the surrounding forests. In 1666 a fortified settlement was founded. It was given the name of Krasny Kut, which means a “beautiful place”. In 1668 the Tatars attacked the fortress, and the Cossacks fought the raid back, but some of them were captured by the Tatars together with much property. After the raid, the leader of local Cossacks Ivan Shtepa turned to Ohtyrka Sotnyk (Captain) with a request to unite.

Until 1765 the place remained a small village of the Ohtyrka regiment. There are no monuments of the Cossack time preserved in the town, but there is a picturesque arboretum with unique flora. It was founded by Ivan Karazin (brother of the founder of Kharkiv University).