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Health Resorts

Berminvody Health Resort is the most famous in the Kharkiv Region. It is situated 20km from Kharkiv in a village of Berezovske. The first recorded evidence of the balneal value of the springs near the settlement of Berezova dates back to 1863. The scientists of Kahrkiv University made water analys­es and came to the conclusion that it has medical properties. They called it the ‘iron’ water.

Today ‘Berminvody’ (the name stands for Berezovka Mineral Waters) is a well-known balneological health resort with its own clinic, balneary and mineral wax complex. Climatotherapy, or atmospheric cure, including air-baths and sun-baths, is another important factor of the Berminvody treatment. There is a covered swimming pool with mineral water, tennis and volleyball courts, and a gym. The health resort specialises in digestive system treatment.

Not far from the Berminvody there is the Roshcha Health Resort specialising in cardiovascular system treatment. Mineral water with the content similar to that of the Berezovska is also one of the medical factors used here.