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Historically, the functions of the city administration centre have been equally shared by Konstytutsii and Svobody Squares, both squares being the sites for administration buildings, city festivals and other events.

Located between these two squares, the so-called Hilly District occupies central position on a hill between the Kharkiv and the Lopan Rivers. It was built-up in stages, starting from the 17th century, though most of the buildings were constructed only in the late 19th century. Cross streets divide this territory into comparatively small quarters with their historic planning preserved today. Characteristic of this part of the city is a variety of architectural styles typical of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Hilly District is a site for numerous administration buildings, research centres, design institutes, colleges and specialised secondary schools, thea­tres, cultural centres and residential estates.

The most interesting sites in terms of their architectural outlook are Sumska, Rymarska, Gogola and Pushkinska Streets, the mansions of the early 20th century located in the so-called ‘quiet’ centre, theatres, as well as the Taras Shevchenko Gardens and Victory Park.